IIFYM: Why I Count Macros for Health

Oh hey again! Happy Friday-eve. How's your week shaking up? In my last post, I talked about the basics of IIFYM and macros. When most people think of IIFYM, they probably think of the photos they see on Instagram. I'm talking about drool-worthy brownies topped with#allofthethings, whole pints of ice cream with poptarts for spoons, and … Continue reading IIFYM: Why I Count Macros for Health

IIFYM & Macros: The 3 Basic Macronutrients

Hey lovelies! Today I wanted to chat about a subject that seems to be getting a lot of traction lately - the concept of "macros" and the IIFYM diet. Whether you're interested in eating healthy or just like looking a food photos on Instagram, you've probably heard the word macros thrown around. Counting macros, macro-friendly, … Continue reading IIFYM & Macros: The 3 Basic Macronutrients

Look For Love

Hello there! I'm Mandie Hartigan, and I'd like to welcome you to my little slice of the blog world! Way back in 2008, I had another blog that chronicled my search for health and wellness while recovering from a very stressful time in my life. While I enjoyed learning how to cook and creating recipes in the … Continue reading Look For Love