Do Something That Scares You

Hi friends,

Happy Monday! While I know Monday is usually not the happiest of things for most people (waking up early! going to work! ugh!), I always try to put a positive spin on it. There’s something so fresh and new about a Monday – a new start to the week and a chance to start again.


Is there a goal you’ve been trying to accomplish? How about something you’ve been putting off but know you should do? Maybe there’s someone you haven’t reached out to in awhile that would love to hear from you?

Yeah, today is your chance to do that. Get after it.

To be honest, my list of things to do recently all converged. I could no longer ignore one item or another because I realized how interconnected they were. All or nothing isn’t always the most successful approach, but I’ve gotten to the point where it makes the most sense.

Rather than going all in only to fall off the bandwagon a day or two later, I spent an extra two weeks thinking about my goals. Yes, TWO weeks.

I researched. I meditated. I created a vision board. I talked to friends for accountability. I prepared tools for success. I told myself, over and over, that I COULD and WOULD accomplish my goals.


Was I scared? More than you could ever imagine.

To be honest, I’ve talked myself out of these goals individually numerous times over the past few years. The difference is that this time I’m not going to let my fear stop me. Since the journey is equally as important for my current goals, I told myself that I just have to start. I WILL start today. And I WILL keep showing up. A day at a time, I will give it my all and accomplish my goal.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting parts of my journey here. Although I’m not ready to share all of my goals, I will specifically be highlighting my experience with Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. Honestly I need some accountability and also hope sharing my journey can help guide others in the future. ‘Tis the season of fitness goals, after all!

It’s Monday – what WILL you accomplish today? Will you dare stare fear in the face and just dream? 




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